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Jumpstart Your Health with Maui's Top Juice Cleanse at Choice Health Bar

Updated: May 3

Assortment of cold-pressed juices at Choice Health Bar, featuring fresh, locally sourced ingredients from Maui, displayed in clear bottles with vibrant colors representing a variety of flavors

Welcome to Your Ultimate Detox Destination on Maui

Looking for a way to stay healthy on your Maui vacation? Or perhaps you're a maui local seeking to reset your system with a nutritious boost? Choice Health Bar has what you need with our top-rated juice cleanse program. Our cold-pressed juices are perfect for anyone wanting a quick health boost.

At Choice Health Bar, we believe in the power of choice. Whether you're detoxing for health reasons, as part of your Maui vacation, or to incorporate more eating healthy on Maui into your lifestyle, our cleanse program is tailored to fit your needs.

Choice Health Bar is conveniently located in Maui's vibrant North Shore Paia town and just steps away from the beautiful Kaanapali Beach, in Whalers Village, making it the perfect stop for fresh, healthy dining during your island adventure.

Why Choose Choice Health Bar in Maui for Your Juice Cleanse?

Right in the heart of Maui, Choice Health Bar is your spot for health and wellness. Our juice cleanse is easy, fun, and effective, making it great for both first-timers and those who love a healthy lifestyle. Our customizable cleanse programs are designed to support your body's natural detoxification process, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

Flexibility and Convenience: Walk into any of our locations to customize your cleanse with your favorite juices and add a ZetoMilk or a soup for variety. When you're ready to transition off the cleanse, our food menu awaits with clean, vegan options to satisfy and nourish.

Refresh and rejuvenate with Choice Health Bar's detox cleanse, featuring a curated selection of cold-pressed, vegan juices made from Maui's finest local produce. Our cleanse is designed to purify your body, boost energy levels, and promote overall wellness. Each juice is packed with nutrients and enzymes, perfect for anyone looking to reset their system naturally. Experience the revitalizing power of natural ingredients and kickstart a healthier lifestyle with our Maui detox cleanse.

What’s in Our Maui Juice Cleanse?

Our juice cleanse uses the freshest ingredients to help clean your body and clear your mind:

  • Charcoal Lemonade: Start your day with detox power.

  • Choose 3 Juices: Pick from our menu of fresh, cold-pressed juices.

  • Nutrient-Packed ‘Zeo Milk’ Shake: Keep up your energy with this hearty shake.

  • Warm Lentil Soup: End your day with something soothing.

  • Helpful Supplements and a Guide: We give you everything you need for a great cleanse day.

Affordable and Fresh

At only $55 a day and you get $6 back when you return your bottles, our juice cleanse is the best deal in Maui. We make sure our juices are always fresh, giving you the best quality.  Specializing in fresh and cold-pressed juices, we're your go-to Maui destination for a quick, healthful pick-me-up. Optimized for freshness, our cleanse is ideal for a 2-day detox, ensuring you're consuming the freshest juices possible.

Energize and detoxify with Choice Health Bar's exclusive Maui detox cleanse, a perfect blend of nutrient-rich, vegan, cold-pressed juices. Each bottle is crafted from the freshest local fruits and vegetables, specifically chosen to support your body's natural detox processes. Dive into our cleanse regimen to experience the vibrant taste and health benefits of Maui's abundant produce, thoughtfully prepared to help you feel refreshed and revitalized.

Post-Cleanse Nourishment: After completing your Maui detox cleanse, the journey doesn't end there. We invite you to return your bottles for a bottle credit and to stay on the path of wellness with our healthy, clean vegan meals. This thoughtful approach ensures that you can gently reintroduce solid foods with meals that are in harmony with your cleanse, supporting your body's adjustment and maximizing the benefits of your detox.

Not Just Juice: Full Vegan Options Too

We’re more than just juices. Our vegan and vegetarian restaurant menu includes lots of vegan meals like salads and hearty bowls, perfect for anyone continuing eating healthy on Maui after their cleanse.  Our range of vegan-friendly options ensures that you can maintain a plant-based diet with ease, enjoying delicious and nutritious meals that complement your cleanse.

Savor the flavors of Maui with Choice Health Bar's vegan burrito bowl and gluten-free acai bowl. Each dish is carefully crafted with locally-sourced, fresh ingredients, offering a delicious and nutritious dining experience. Our vegan burrito bowl is packed with vibrant veggies and plant-based proteins, while the gluten-free acai bowl is topped with a colorful mix of fruits and superfoods, perfect for a healthy meal any time of the day.

Come Visit Us

Start your health journey at Choice Health Bar. Whether you’re looking to cleanse with our famous Maui juice or enjoy delicious vegan food, we’re here to help you feel your best.

Ready to Reset?

If you're on a Maui vacation or simply seeking to integrate more healthful practices into your daily life, Choice Health Bar's juice cleanse program offers a flexible, delicious, and effective way to achieve your wellness goals. Visit us in Paia Town or Whalers Village in Kaanapali Beach to start your detox journey, or reach out at for personalized advice and support.

Embrace the wellness revolution with Choice Health Bar—where every choice is a step towards a healthier, happier you

Experience the essence of plant-based dining at Choice Health Bar, Maui's premier vegan kitchen and juice bar. We specialize in crafting delicious vegan meals and cold-pressed juices using the freshest local ingredients. Our menu offers a diverse range of flavorful, nutritious options designed to delight both locals and visitors looking for a healthy eating experience on the island. Join us to discover why we're celebrated for bringing vibrant, sustainable eating to the heart of Maui.

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