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Cleansing By Choice

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

My guilty habit has always been sugar. Whether it comes from dried fruit, alcohol or ice cream, I crave a sugary snack in the evening. Cleansing is a way to reset my sugar vice, cutting the culprit out and easing back in with intention.

I remember cleanses being daunting, 10 days or more without pretty much everything I love. They required serious planning, double checking ingredients and a long list of meal components to source. A juice cleanse just sounds like even more work, what with the sheer quantity of fresh produce to purchase, the mess of actually operating a juicer and the time it would take to produce enough juice each day. Overall, cleansing tends to be a major commitment. Enter the Choice cleanse package. Just 1-2 days is sufficient and offers HUGE health benefits for such a minor time (and cost) commitment.


The 5 juices, 1 shot, 1 soup and 4 supplements in the Choice cleanse package are designed to eliminate toxins from your system, rejuvenate your cells with plant-based nutrients and give your digestive system a much needed rest. The immune system receives a serious boost, encouraging the body to function at its highest potential.

The mind benefits from detoxification as much as the body does, encouraging healthy lifestyle choices. When I feel lighter and healthier, it radiates through my skin, my attitude, my energy levels and moods. When I feel good, my family feels good too!

In summary, the curated ingredients used throughout this cleanse benefit the body by:

  • † Reducing inflammation + acidity

  • † Incorporating prebiotic + fiber

  • † Stimulating circulation

  • † Removing heavy metals + toxins

  • † Promoting healthy gut bacteria

  • † Strengthening the immune system

  • † Improving digestion

  • † Increasing energy + the body’s natural ability to heal


Booking a cleanse in advance is super easy with multiple days available for pickup in Lahaina or Paia. I grabbed my cleanse kit in Paia (with free parking at the town lot adjacent to the café). The contents were numbered according to the sequence they should be consumed and while we are calling this a juice cleanse, a delicious soup is what’s for dinner.


All of the juices are delicious, as is the soup which makes for a welcome, seemingly hearty meal after a day of liquids. Starting the day with the charcoal lemonade provided a refreshing kick off and the beet juice for lunch was a sweet treat.

While you will likely feel lower energy during a cleanse day and possibly even slightly hangry (plan accordingly), there are enough juices to keep you going so you’ll never feel deprived. Each one is different, so the taste buds get some excitement along the way (did anyone else once consume the same cabbage soup for days on end?).

You can leave the house during this cleanse. Juices are easy to carry in an insulated cooler and quick to consume during a busy day. While vigorous exercise is not a good idea on cleanse days, gentle activities such as walking and yoga are a great way to keep the body moving and the mind off of any temptations. It is also recommended that you drink a lot of water in addition to the juices, so easy access to a restroom is ideal ;)


If improved health is one of your resolutions this year, consider scheduling 1-2 days of cleansing per month. Cleanse packages can be purchased in advance so there’s no excuses as January 1 fades into the past and less healthy lifestyle temptations arise. All of the juices and the soup included in the cleanse package are also available as individual products, so you can continue to enjoy your favorites on non-cleanse days. Choice recommends eating plant-based meals focused on fruit and vegetables post cleanse before introducing heavier foods back into the diet.

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