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Travel Wellness

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Family vacations, international travel or even weekend plans to visit another area of the island offer a much needed and well deserved reset. A time to connect with those we love, to immerse ourselves in new cultures and have some epic adventures. It can, however, be tough to keep healthy routines when schedules are lost and to get sufficient sleep in new environments. We chatted with Maui Naturopathic Physician Dr Nancy Lins to compile the following wellness travel tips.

Plan Ahead

It’s been said “a failure to plan is a plan for failure" and when it comes to travel and wellness, planning is the key to success! It IS possible to return from a trip with vibrant health and a feeling of rejuvenation.

Pre planning can include researching health food stores and cafes at your destination, adding those stops to your travel itinerary. You may also want to consider downloading a meditation app, a playlist of soothing sounds or packing a white noise machine to encourage proper rest and relaxation.

The Back(ed) Up Plan

One of the most common complaints is that of getting ‘backed up’ (constipated) during travel. Taking Magnesium Citrate at bedtime can alleviate this concern. Start with a low dose at bedtime & adjust your dose as needed.

Not only do our bodies have a circadian rhythm, so do the healthy bacteria that live inside us and help to digest our food. Thus, when you are in a new time zone and eating at odd hours, those bacteria are thrown off. Try to eat light for at least the first few days of a vacation on a new time zone. Work fiber into the diet wherever possible (consider packing fiber rich snacks). Introducing morning coffee on the new time zone will trigger your body to adjust accordingly, 'THIS is when we start our day now'.

Choice Health Bar offers Intestinal Movement Formula capsules which are featured in the Choice juice cleanse. The herbal supplements feature rhubarb, peppermint leaf, chanca piedra and nopal cactus for smooth bm’s and are available in jars of 50 or 12.

Boost Your Immune System

Plant based meals and supplements are a great way to consume immune boosting nutrients like Vitamin C, Zinc, B12, and Vitamin D. Consider sticking to a healthy diet including ingredients such as turmeric, ginger, citrus and garlic prior to departure. Dr Nancy also offers an ‘immune booster pro’ supplement at

Insist On Sufficient Sleep

Time zone changes and unfamiliar surroundings can wreak havoc on sound sleep patterns. Bring ear plugs, an eye mask, blanket and even a pillow for the plane to ensure you get at least a few hours of slumber. Soothing essential oils like lavender can be diffused by putting a few drops on a cotton ball placed near your head. Products containing Melatonin, Theanine & GABA can also support rest. ‘Solid Sleep’ herbal tincture is a Maui made supplement that aids in sleep and reduces anxiety, sold at Choice Health Bar.

Healthy Meals On The Go

Pack healthy snacks for travel to ensure you have a reliable energy source on hand. Nut mix is an easy and filling protein source that travels well. Grab and go items from Choice Health Bar can be carried on the plane for an in flight meal. The lemon flax salad and bar make for a luxurious, well rounded dinner. Remember to pre dress your salad shaker prior to security! The kale chips are another great option for snacking on the go. The live dehydrated kale chips are just like eating a salad, no refrigeration or fork required.

Supplement Your Diet Where Necessary

Health needs may vary based on your travel destination. You can find high quality supplements and receive a 5% discount by creating your personal account at

Choice Health Bar also offers ‘wellness travel solutions’ with curated retail products in store at Paia and Lahaina locations or through our online store.

Ask An Expert

Create a custom travel wellness plan and identify potential health threats based on your travel plans. Virtual visits and nutritional consultations (starting at just $50) are available with Dr Lins to create a custom supplement program. Email , call or text 808-333-9554

If all else fails, plan a health reset upon settling back into your regular routine and environment. A day on the Choice juice cleanse can help!

Safe and healthy travels.

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