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Menehune Mayhem: Celebrating Youth Surfing in Maui

Celebrating Surf and Community Spirit at the 20th Annual Ian Walsh's Menehune Mayhem

Official event T-shirt for the 20th Annual Ian Walsh's Menehune Mayhem, showcasing a dynamic graphic of a surfer on a large wave at Ho'okipa Beach Park, Maui. The design captures the essence of Maui surfing with vivid imagery of palm trees and the setting sun, emphasizing Maui's reputation as one of the best places to surf.

As the Maui surfing community gears up for the exhilarating 20th Annual Ian Walsh's Menehune Mayhem on May 4 & 5, 2024, at Ho’okipa Beach Park, Choice Health Bar is delighted to celebrate the spirit of surfing in Maui, Hawaii. We are honored to sponsor this iconic surf competition, a highlight for Maui surfers and a true reflection of the island’s vibrant youth and surf culture.

Fueling Maui’s Surfing Enthusiasts: Exclusive Offers from Choice Health Bar

During the Menehune Mayhem, the first 330 attendees will enjoy a special perk—a coupon for Buy One Get One Free on our delicious açaí bowls, straight from one of the best smoothie and juice bars in Maui. This offer is part of our dedication to providing healthy, tantalizing options that are perfect for surfers and surf enthusiasts alike. To further support the event, we're donating 50 of our top-rated açaí bowls to energize the competitors, judges, and volunteers who make this event a cornerstone of surfing in Maui.

More Than Just a Maui Surf Contest: The Spirit of Ho’okipa

Founded by professional big wave surfer Ian Walsh, the Menehune Mayhem has evolved into a beloved tradition, providing Maui's youth surfers a platform to shine in surfing without any entry fees. It’s a testament to the supportive and nurturing spirit of the Maui surfing community & beyond.

With activities spanning art, music, and education focused on environmental sustainability and Hawaiian traditions, the event embodies the aloha spirit of hospitality, also a core value at Choice Health Bar.

For more details, visit Menehune Mayhem and follow their journey on Instagram and Facebook.

Image of a young woman on a Maui beach, holding a surfboard under one arm and a vegan smoothie in the other hand. She is on the sand with the ocean waves in the background. The scene captures the essence of a healthy, active lifestyle in Maui, blending the local surf culture with nutritious vegan dining

Ho’okipa Beach Park: Maui’s Premier Surf Spot

Renowned as a world-class destination for windsurfing and a serious surf spot, Ho’okipa Beach Park offers more than just water activities for the pros. With its easy access lookout, Ho’okipa provides a perfect backdrop for watching maui surfers catch some of the most impressive waves in the world. Remember, the beach & surf conditions are suited for those who know their way around big waves and strong currents. For those less experienced, it’s a wonderful place to watch the experienced surfers or simply enjoy the scenic pavilions and a great spot to see a Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles on Maui. Ho'okipa Beach Park is the ideal spot to witness some of the best Maui surfing, where spectators can enjoy thrilling displays of skill and athleticism from the safety of the scenic lookout

Surfing in Maui: A Pillar of Island Life

In Maui, surfing is not just a sport; it's a way of life that fosters patience, respect, and a deep connection to nature. Events like the Menehune Mayhem underscore these values and the island’s dedication to nurturing young talent and sportsmanship. At Choice Health Bar, we support this surf lifestyle by offering nutritious, locally-sourced meals that cater to both locals and maui visitors seeking healthy eating options in Maui.

Graphic display of Choice Health Bar Maui vegan menu categories: a bottle of cold pressed Juice, a cup of vegan Smoothie, a bowl of vegan Salad, and a bowl of local Açaí Bowls, each represented by simple icons set against a light green background, highlighting the best vegan food options in Maui

Visit Choice Health Bar: Your Healthy Vegan Hub in Maui

Whether you’re prepping for a maui surf session or simply exploring Maui’s stunning landscapes, visit Choice Health Bar for a meal that meets your health and wellness goals. Our menu, crafted with the finest organic and locally-sourced ingredients, supports a healthy, active lifestyle. Stay updated with our latest offerings and promotions by following us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with our latest updates and promotions.

Come down to Choice Health Bar and experience how we celebrate  Maui’s health-conscious, surf-loving lifestyle every day. And for those attending the Menehune Mayhem, we look forward to seeing you there—refreshed and revitalized by the best açaí bowls on the island!

For more details about the Menehune Mayhem, visit their website, Instagram, or Facebook page.

At Choice Health Bar, we're more than just a meal; we're a part of your Maui adventure.

Logo of Choice Health Bar, the premier vegan kitchen and juice bar in Maui, Hawaii. Features a purple lotus flower and a geometric design, encircled by the text 'Vegan Kitchen and Juice Bar Choice Maui Hawaii,' emphasizing local, plant-based cuisine.

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