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Keeping it Local Keeps it Fresh

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Sourcing fresh, local and organic produce grown on Maui allows us to serve highly nutritious and flavorful meals. We love getting to know the farmers who grow our ingredients and the artisans creating innovative, sustainable and delicious products that support our community.

Monthly specials are inspired by colorful seasonal plants that lend a variety of health benefits to our menu. It's our connection to the farmers who work tirelessly to produce a consistent supply of fruits, vegetables and herbs that forms the foundation of Choice Health Bar and allows us to facilitate plant-based, locavore diets. Here are a few of those incredible individuals, their farms, their stories and their harvest:

Coca Farms

Joel Gil Coca has been a farmer for over forty years and he takes his legacy seriously. Never cutting corners, Joel and his family are propagating a variety of crops on the beautiful slopes of Haleakala. Seasonal flora are rotated and nothing goes to waste as a tribe of goats and drove of farm pigs anxiously await any produce scraps.

Coca Farms is certified organic, a title that takes extra time and care. Joel cares deeply about the taste of his produce above all else, a value that you'll particularly notice in our raw, savory dishes. Choice currently sources organic curly green and lacinato kale, lettuces, spinach, cilantro, green papaya, broccoli and cabbage from Coca Farms.

Kumu Farms

Conveniently located at the gorgeous Maui Tropical Plantation in Waikapu, Kumu Farms is making local produce readily available for Maui residents and visitors at their newly expanded farm market. They also offer farm fresh market boxes for pre order and easy pick up, and sell a variety of culinary and Maui made body care products.

Topping our açaí bowls with the tastiest papayas possible, Kumu Farms fulfills the large orders of non gmo papayas for Choice on our neighbor island of Molokai. We also source their parsley grown on the cool slopes of the west Maui mountains and green peppers from the valley below. We appreciate Kumu Farms' shared value of love for the local community and look forward to sharing their produce with you for years to come.

Kula Country Farms

Choice Health Bar sources strawberries to top the best açaí bowls on Maui and onions for our savory dishes from Kula Country Farms. Famous for an epic annual pumpkin patch and you-pick strawberry field, Kula Country Farms is a fourth generation family farm that provides a place for the community to connect with the country lifestyle. Fresh local produce is available year round at their farm stand, a great stop during upcountry tours. Keep an eye out for their newest crop of local blueberries!

Back Yard Farmers

Anyone with a property on Maui can also be a hobby farmer. The fertile soil, ample sunshine and rainfall we are so blessed with leads to an abundance of produce, often all at once. Choice sources seasonal fruits from local residents seeking to reduce waste and make some extra money doing so. Have produce to sell? Please contact us!

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Where is the acai grown?

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Marina Scott
Marina Scott
18 ago 2022
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Our acai is grown Para, Brazil. We purchase it through a great company called Tropical Acai Thanks for asking!

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