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Choice Health Bar is 12!

TWELVE: a damn good number. A perfect dozen. The hours on a clock. Months in a year. Sides of a dodecahedron. Twelve years ago we had a new agenda. We set out to create something different, something radical that would challenge the status quo… A health food mecca, a breath of fresh air, a casual organic eatery in an unassuming location… A place where everyone enjoys the flavors no matter what their typical food disposition may be.

Choice Health Bar opened in Lahaina on April 11, 2011. With no former restaurant

experience but a whole lot of passion, Co-Owners Kathryn Dahm and Emily Kunz managed to create a casual organic eatery with strong community values. “We may have had no idea what we were doing, but we followed our hearts and personal tastes to carve out a menu and a concept that was Choice,” states Dahm. The ‘bummer free zone’ in Lahaina became a welcoming space for those seeking plant-based nourishment served with true integrity.

Not only has Choice expanded to health food cafes in Paia and Ka’anapali since, but they have managed to stay true to their values in the process. During the pandemic, when many food establishments shut their doors or closed permanently, Choice offered free health shots to the community instead.

Supporting local farmers by sourcing as many Hawaii grown ingredients as possible can be

challenging at times, prompting menu changes over outsourcing of products. Choice also utilizes organic ingredients, right down to the spices, and facilitates a fully vegan menu while continuously seeking to reduce waste and environmental impact.

"Now in 2023, in a world where the mayor shows up to cut the ribbon at chicken finger fast food joints, we know this fresh agenda is still relevant and very much needed."

To celebrate 12 years in business, Choice offered 12% off all online orders at all locations on

April 11. They also threw a party at the Lahaina location including incredible music by DJ Eliza, live painting and unveiling of a new art installation by artist Nathan Neil, free shots of Avatar, refreshing sparkling coconut water on tap (thanks to Coconut Information) and fun Choice trivia with prizing.

“Thank you to our community for TWELVE years of love! And to our staff, farmers + vendors who make our world go round,” xo Kat & Emily

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