superfood guide


A deep purple power berry from Brazil and an amazingly energizing antioxidant.  Açai is traditionally prepared as an extra thick smoothie, served in a bowl topped with granola and fresh local fruit.  Choice believes that a good açai bowl is an excellent way to start your day- truly a breakfast of champions.

Bee Pollen

A super biodynamic and nutritious force field food that packs energy, vitality, and endurance. Fresh pollen is soft and sweet, and is collected through a delicate harvesting process. Worker bees create it by packing pollen into a cell in the honeycomb adding nectar and nutrients, Choice likes to sprinkle it on top of acai bowls or fresh papaya, or mix it into fruity smoothies.


RAW unprocessed chocolate, considered a pod or bean though it’s actually the seed of the fruit.  Pure form is bitter and rich.   Top of charts antioxidant, gives you a choco-high buzz – natural caffeine!  Choice uses the powder to make raw desserts or blends the “nibs” (hearts of the pods) into smoothies for crunchy chocolate chips.

Chia Seeds

Tiny black seeds that are cleansing, hydrating, and full of omegas & proteins.  Popularized by the “Chia Pet” craze of yesteryear, they do sprout easily when soaked, and form a gel-like mucilage akin to cooked tapioca.  Aztec warriors crossed the desert for days on end with chia seeds under their tongues to prevent dehydration.  Choice mixes chia seeds in kombucha or coconut water to turn the drink into a texture adventure.


A single cell green algae that is often overshadowed by its superfood relatives, spirulina and blue green algae.  Using photosynthesis with extreme efficiency, chlorella grows in fresh water turning sunlight and chlorophyll into complete proteins.  This algae is a major detoxifier and overall health protectant especially in this age of radiation and chemical pollution. Choice dares you to try eating a handful of the tablets (not for the faint) and brushing your teeth right after. See what happens!


All hail the mighty coconut!  Coconut oil is heart healthy and high in caprylic acid, which combats candida.  Coconut water is alkalizing and full of electrolytes, and a most refreshing base for smoothies.  Coconut milk, coconut kefir, coconut ice cream, coconut sugar, coconut nectar – the list goes on.  And to think that they drop right out of the sky right here in Hawaii, how convenient!  Choice cracks open dozens of coconuts every day to utilize the epic water and meat inside.


A potent freshwater algae that boosts metabolism, beats sluggishness, and has extreme detoxifying abilities.  Dulse provides a major source of iodine, which regulates the thyroid, playing an important in the body’s toxin defense system.  Thus dulse can help protect us all from the toxic stress of today’s world.  Choice likes to snip it up into tiny strips and load it into miso soup or toss it in to cook with the quinoa.

superfoodsGoji Berries

Small, bright red mega antioxidant soldiers nicknamed “the happy berries.”  Gojis are thought to slow the aging process thanks to the famous Tibetan monks whom, from decades of drinking goji-infused well water, demonstrated extreme vitality and vigor in their old age.  These berries top the antioxidant charts and boost immunity, and will always be cherished by the health community.  Choice finds that gojis mix perfectly into just about everything, like atop fresh papaya, or tossed into Asian-style kale salads.

Hemp Seeds

An excellent source of protein, most of which is the easily digestible protein edestin.   Hemp is a wonder plant with many industrial uses, and the seeds are tiny but versatile in the kitchen.  They are full of omegas and crucial amino acids that most vegetable proteins lack.  Choice uses hemp seeds in raw desserts, to make dressings creamy, or for texture in salads.

Himalayan Salt

Pink crystal salt occurring naturally in the Himalayas.  Its crystal rocks are thought to be able to absorb negative energy and good for the home, especially in areas with high electromagnetic density.  Its mineral profile is uncannily identical to that of the human body, each being constituted of the exact same 89 trace minerals (!!) Choice favors rock-form himalayan salt and grinds it into dishes by hand with a mill.

spirulina and kaleKale

A dark leafy green that is a staple in any health food regimen.  Kale is a great source of vitamins K &C, and a core member of the cabbage family.  These ‘cruciferous’ veggies are notorious for preventing cancer being full of powerful antioxidants – nutritionally best eaten RAW.  Choice puts kale in everything – salads, smoothies, acai bowls – or dehydrated into chips, still enzymatically alive and activated!  Everyone should EAT MORE KALE!


An exceptionally low glycemic sweetener made of Indonesian eggfruit, Lucuma contains a unique form of fructose called FOS which is a beneficial prebiotic, and passes undigested through your system making it a favorite of diabetics.  Since it has been found in gourds at ceremonial burial sites of indigenous Peruvians, it may have once been considered sacred.  Lucuma flavor outsells both chocolate and vanilla in Indonesian ice cream sales. Choice opts for lucuma to add a low-glycemic malty sweetness in raw desserts and smoothies.


A SuperRoot from Peru that adapts to what your body needs at the time.  When you’re too wired, it can level you out, but it also brings you up when you’re tired.  Maca increases endurance and stamina, making it a favorite of athletes, but also is robustly nutritious with minerals up the wazoo.  Choice loves the hazelnutty taste of maca in desserts and banana-based smoothies.maca


Ahearty plant that grows in desert climates, whose bean pods are ground into a powder that adds a nutty taste, and a bit of sweetness.  Mesquite is able to resist drought by easily switching from one source of water to another.  Food cooked over mesquite wood takes on a distinct hickory smoke flavor. Armed with thorns that drop to the ground, the plant is a close relative of the notorious keawe.  Choice likes to pair mesquite with maca to add an earthy element to sweet treats.


A plant sulfur that crystallizes into an acrid tasting but amazingly medicinal powder.  MSM is famous for its ability to help athletes recover and avoid soreness. It lubricates joints and connective tissue in the body, aiding the elasticity and suppleness of skin, and hence is popularly used topically as well in skin crèmes and facial care.  Choice recommends MSM as an add-in to any drink for someone who is feeling sore or tight muscles.

fresh fruit maui smoothiesNoni

An ancient Hawaiian healing plant with hundreds of internal and external applications.  The leaves, the fruit, and the bark are all widely used.  Left in a covered jar the white fruit produces an infamously foul smelling but potent medicinal juice.  Choice mixes noni juice with citrus to cover the taste or freezes the ripe fruit to use as an ice pack directly on any injury!!


An ancient grain that is a nutritional treasure:  gluten free, low glycemic, and full of protein.  Pronounced “KEEN-wah,” it is actually the seed of a plant relative to spinach, stocked with calcium & iron.   Spanish conquistadors burned the Aztec’s quinoa fields in an attempt to cripple their source of strength and power.  Choice makes quinoa in a rice cooker every day for a warming, grounding element in our daily lunches.

Sea Buckthorn

A bright yellow berry that is beneficial to hair and skin.  Sea buckthorn berries grow on a shrub indigenous to Scandinavia, and their tart juice is quite tasty and thought to improve digestion.  Packed with carotenes and vitamin C, and the oft-overlooked omega-7, the berries are made into topical oils and lotions that work wonders for skin and hair.  Choice splashes the delightful juice into coconut water or any drink for a tangy twist.


A fascinating and elusive gift from nature that translates in Hindu texts as ‘conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weaknesses’.  Neither plant nor animal substance, shilajit is arguably the most epic dirt on the planet.  It literally oozes as resin-like goo out of the base of high elevation Himalayan Mountains!  It’s loaded with fulvic and fumic acids, which are the probiotic constituents that make topsoil so fertile.  Clearly the earth is alive… Choice infuses Shilajit into creamy smoothies to add a mega-earth detoxifying mineral boost. Proponents claim it has an “array of naturally occurring phytochemicals, biochemicals, supercharged antioxidants, free-radical scavengers, super oxide dismutases, nutrients, enzymes, amino acids, antibiotics, antivirals, and antifungals”


A microscopic single cell algae that’s in the structural shape of a spiral coil.  Spirulina thrives in fresh or seawater, grows abundantly here in Hawaii and boasts a seriously impressive nutrient profile.  The ocean was first tapped as a SuperFood source 8th century Mesoamerica when the Aztec Indians would cake it into patties and dry them in the sun, to later munch on.  Choice loves to keep it local and knows that using spirulina here is a HI-vibe way to green up!

Zeolite Clay

A green clay related to bentonite that has extreme toxin-trapping abilities.  Molecularly shaped like a honeycomb cage, zeolite’s strong negative charge magnetically draws in toxins and traps them inside.  Stuck inside this cage, toxins, radiation and chemical pollutants may then be swept out of the body with the clay.  Topically you can mix zeolite with bentonite and apple cider vinegar to make a powerfully drawing mask.  Choice blends the powder into simple drinks for everyday detox and to help counteract the toxic stresses of modern life.