Choice Juice Cleanses

Basic + Advanced Cleanse Programs

Join us at Choice for a juice cleanse, to refresh your body and renew your mind.

 Our cold-press juicer is state-of-the-art and our produce is organic & locally sourced. In our basic cleanse, each day features SIX drinks, with numbers on the lids as a suggested order in which to drink them.

The juices in your cleanse are designed to be taken independently of food and will flush toxins with their nutrient dense hydration. Fresh juice is full of enzymes to clear debris in your system + reset your body to a higher point of health.

email us with any questions – [email protected]

maui juice cleanse


Even a ONE DAY cleanse will make you feel amazing!!  Sign up for any length of days, and start any day!  We can help make it work with your schedule.  Let us know any special cleanse intentions you may have.  (There may be some seasonal juice variation.)

1. black lava lemonade – lemon, lime, activated charcoal (potent alkalizer & digestive detox), fresh water, a touch of maple syrup, cayenne pepper

2. maui greens – a very green juice feat spinach, parsley, celery, coconut water, lime, tiny bit of green apple, lemon

3. tropical beets– beet, cucumber, celery, aloe vera, lime

4.  pele’s fire –  ginger, turmeric, black pepper, cayenne pepper, lemon, flax oil – 4 oz

5.  green up – kale, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery, green apple, lemon

6. zeo-milk – macadamia nut milk, zeolite clay (absorbs metals & toxins), shilajit, vanilla, touch of maple syrup

7. vegan soup –  bowl of brothy, nourishing, warming, soup helps with hunger in evening

8.  Intestinal Movement Formula – supplement boost to help keep things moving in your guts.  These capsules are an effective, gentle, (non-habit forming) herbal laxative supplement by our favorite company HealthForce. We suggest taking two caps at night + two in the morning. but we give you enough to take more if you need.  For this, it’s essential to self-manage your dosage.  If you need more digestive movement, immediately increase to 3 or more at each serving – WE CAN RESTOCK THESE mid-cleanse, JUST ASK.


includes all elements of basic cleanse
++ plus ++

9.  Intestinal Drawing Formula – to be mixed with water before bedtime. A heavy dose of cleansing herbs – Flax Seed, Slippery Elm Bark, Marshmallow Root, Nopal Cactus, Carob Pod, Kelp, Plantain Leaf, Activated Charcoal. This formula sucks toxins from the bowels & helps send them on their way out of your body!! Mix 3 Tbsp into 8 oz water, drink quickly (plug your nose) + wash down with another 8oz glass of fresh water.

10.  Coconut Kefir Yogurt – A probiotic dose of local non-dairy yogurt per day to restore balance in your guts + build your energy levels from within.  Soothing to the palate & helps to satisfy a sweet tooth any time!

11.  A customized recommendation of meals + drinks for three days following your cleanse for optimal transition, emailed to you to help ensure an awesome cleanse afterglow.

Stay determined and drink lots of water! Fasting is a deep physical and mental challenge. You’re getting a heavy influx of liquid nutrients! Enjoy!


There is an additional deposit of $12 per day for the 6 glass juice bottles. When you return your bottles during or after your cleanse, we will reimburse you on the spot the $12 per day with a cash payback or a Choice gift card.

Basic Cleanse with deposit amounts
1 day cleanse: $75 + $12 deposit
2 day cleanse: $150 + $24 deposit
3 day cleanse: $225 + $36 deposit
4 day cleanse: $300 + $48 deposit
5 day cleanse: $375 + $60 deposit

HOW TO SIGN UP: EMAIL US at [email protected] with CLEANSE in the heading, or come by and ask for a manager, and we can get you set up to cleanse!  We ask that you give us at least 24 HOURS NOTICE before picking up your cleanse.  After filling out a short questionnaire, you will prepay + arrange your pickups (you may pick up either one or two days’ cleanse kits at a time)

Pickup times may vary according to juice schedule but are:
Mon, Wed, Friday mornings (8am and on)
Tues, Thurs. or Saturday evenings — to pick up your next day’s kit (3 pm. on)